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We are a young company that brings together a combined experience of 9 years within the industry, dealing with OEMs, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retailers across different verticals over the globe.


Swiftness, Trust, Integrity, Reliability, Transparency and Mutual Respect.



We will be the one stop Enterprise for our clients every need.



Rageto Trading Company gives wide medical, retail and industry solutions to every customer’s necessity by offering customized and smooth solutions to their day to day operations.


Alejandro Contreras
(Managing Partner)
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Mobile No.: +56 9 5238 4657

Bach. in Economics (Argentina) and student of M.Ed. (Chile). Grown up in the hub of horticulture activities in Chile, family business led me to start enriching the industry widening the variety of products and cutting down on costs prices for the companies of the region.

Mr. Dhruv Tomar
(Managing Partner)
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Mobile No.: +86 138 1888 0545

With over 9 years of experience in developing countries in Singapore, China, India, Amsterdam has proven to be innovative in Product development.
worked and proved to be successful on projects in different vertical sectors like Infrastructure, Hospitality, Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Transport & Logistics, Management, Financial Services, Telecommunication, across all international markets.
Negotiated government contracts for Support in Infrastructure Expansion projects in South East Asia & India & Africa.

Chile Import



Think all tires look the same? Look closely and you'll see that our tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. And WE DO KNOW YOUR JOB.

At Rageto We spend time researching on every single pattern of tire for one sole purpose to help our customer get the most out of it, more load, more grip, more hours even in the harshest conditions That’s why knowing your job makes us better at what we do and that’s why you can always count on Rageto to get the best tires available.



We provide Quality Lubricants directly from manufacturers with an excellent price-performance ratio. We offer a full range of standard and special lubricants, working fluids and a wide range of commercial vehicle care products at competitive prices. A modern and unique packaging design, short delivery time and OEM specification and approved EU quality completes the picture. We enable leading decision makers to make the decisions that matter most across the lubricant ethics and risk legal control over trading and wholesalers.


Medical Equipment

Our aim is to present latest technology in surgical equipment and medical care market. We have always tried to get associated with the best brands of the market and this is our basis for the trust of our customers.
We have worked abreast to reach years of experience in offering quality medical and surgical equipments and have succeeded in our efforts to deal with latest technology in the field of medicine. Our major emphasis while supplying these products remains on obtaining knowledge constantly along with understanding the latest technology in the market so that we can pass this on to our customers and help them buying the right product for their usage.
This of course, gives our clients an increassing value to their investing portfolio along with adding to their reputation a solid national outlook in the medical arena.

We keep a constant track of the trends arriving in this field and so we always work to provide with the latest quality machinery and equipments to our clients. It is a time of revolutionary change for medical industry since breakthrough happen all around the world everyday. The field requires tremendous search and Rageto is going along with it extensively.

Chile Exports



We are PASSIONATE about exporting RAW NATURAL unpasteurised honey. We are also passionate about living in the beautiful, remote and wild southern Chile where our bees live and make pure, beautiful and unique honey.

Here, in remote Southern Chile, our lives are simple and our bees happy: stress free and naturally protected with pure quality. A quality that shines in our honey. Our beautiful raw natural honey comes to you in its natural raw state. Our Honey is as nature has made it - and even better, it is regional and comes from a family operation that is fully hands on it from the hive to the jar.



Chilean Wine Industry holds the fifth place of world trading exportation. Rageto provides you with the finest Chilean wine portfolio. We have partnered not only with experienced Chilean companies but also Argentinean´s; both white and red strain. Rageto has vigorously pursued the path less trodden. From unlikely beginnings in Asia, we have unearthed an impressive road of fine quality Wine producers . We work tirelessly in our quest for the extraordinary wines with soul and personality.


Rageto !

Address: Nahuelco Street, No. 1065, Purén City, Chile.
Mob. No.: +56 9 5238 4657
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Address: Nahuelco Street, No. 1065, Purén City, Chile.
Mob. No.: +86 138 1888 0545
Email ID:

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